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Geographical targeting by countries, state, county ,cities or miles around zip-code. Daily budget with no minimum spending requirement. Unlimited keywords and 150+ channels targeting with over 100,000 publisher websites. CPC, CPM, PPC Text/Banner/SWF/interstitial/ Pop-up UnderAds served on our network sites and partner websites. Our powerful and cost effective advertising system allows you to advertise to a large community and gain potential vistors to your site. Over 100,000 websites joined our network, and counting...
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Learn how to boost your income from your webpages using JasminAds publisher accout. Ads for Any Web Site. Show text/banner/SWF/interstitial/ Pop-up UnderAdsf ads which are most relevant to your site content. Earn revenue from the clicks you receive on our ads displayed in your pages. Filter out advertisements of your competitors from your ad display units. Flexible and modern style ads. Clear profit sharing policies. Fast withdrawal with PayPal, Check, Passporte or Western Union. 25% Commison open a publisher account or log in

Service Features
• Extensive Reach: Over 100,000 Branded Websites and 90 million unique users
• Ad Type: Banner Ads, Text Ads, Pop-up Ads, Flash Ads, Interstitial Ads, Video Ads
• Ad Sizes: 300X250, 728X90, 120X600, 468X60, 160X160, etc
• Channel Targeting: Finance, Education, Jobs, Sports, Travel, TV-Movies, Entertainment, Tech, Business, Shopping, Music, Health, Automotive,
  Computers, Family Living, etc
• Keywords Targeting
• Geographic Targeting: Zip Code, City, County, State, Country
• Quick Campaign Start-up

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Over 100,000 websites joined our network, and counting... 25% Commison open an affiliate account or log in

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